Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Afternoon in Hollywood

Went for a Sunday afternoon jaunt to Hollywood. Haven't been there in awhile. I met up with a fellow flickr-ite, David Schulman - i.e. iZENstein. We had a great time. Hollyweird at it's best! I'd like to do some more shooting there in the future. Crazy place!


Blogger Comme_des_andery said...

Hi Susan,

Dragon is back and we are looking for you!
Thanks so much for ur contributing of your great photo last time!

After the success of last year's efforts with FLICKR network we have great pleasure in announcin the sequel to Legends of the Dragon..."The Treasures of the Dragon."
It was great working with all of you and certainly hope that by profiling your work in the book we have helped to open some doors for you too...

Here’s some background blurb ref to the forthcoming book – can’t wait to get started working with you all again.

“Treasures of the Dragon is a cultural walk through the precious jewels of Asia and the Middle East. Featuring artistic traditions, priceless artefacts, outstanding architecture, shimmering precious stones, Asian icons and inspirations, museums with unusual collections and the religious arts, Treasures of the Dragon is the latest edition to the Dragon series.

>From the Islamic art of the Deccan to the architecture of Norman Foster, via the Cambodian Royal Ballet, the works of Kandinsky and the bronzes of the Zhou, Treasures of the Dragon explores the cultural riches of this stunningly diverse region. Treasures of the Dragon will contain original photographs and illuminating text, in a beautiful, case-bound, 200-page full colour book, available in December 2007.”

Also, please check this out and join the group to meet us!! =)

Basically, if you have any brilliant images ref to the above topics you can send to this group. Low-res is fine for the initial selection, but if selected we would need minimum A4 size at 300dpi as highly likely they will be used as a full page layout. Once it's chosen,
we'll contact you directly via FLICKR / email. Please note we can not guarantee that all photos sent to us will be picked – they need to go thru a selection process just to ensure they go complement the written article.

Unfortunately there is no monetary fee but photographs that will be selected - credit will be given to the photographer with bio & pic of them
and we will send you 1 x copy of the published book in return.

Please extend this invitation to your friends who are not on FLICKR – definitely the more the merrier!

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!

friendly : )
Andery a.k.a Commes de anges

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