Friday, July 18, 2008

Queen of the Night...

I can not get enough of this aria... and watching someone sing it is truly amazing!

Here's a translation, though I can not vouch for it's accuracy.

The vengeance of Hell boils in my heart,
Death and vengeance flame around me!
If Sarastro does not through you, feel the pain of death,
Then you will be my daughter nevermore.
My daughter nevermore.
Then you will be my daughter nevermore.

Disowned may you be forever,
Abandoned may you be forever, Destroyed be forever
All nature's bonds be forever severed
If through you, Sarastro does not meet his end!
Hear Gods of Revenge,
Hear a mother's vow.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "The Magic Flute" - Royal Opera House production

Diana Damrau as Queen of Night
Dorothea Röschmann as Pamina

conducted by Colin Davis


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