Friday, October 01, 2010

R.I.P. Bodoni

I was never a big cat fan. It was indifference that I felt, more than any kind of dislike. I found them aloof and frankly, a little boring. So I don't know what over came me when I told a co-worker I was interested in one of the kittens she had rescued from a storm drain in the Valley. Maybe it was my maternal instincts kicking in, I don't know but suddenly, I wanted that cat. I was interested in the gray kitten, but she told me it was a package deal and the black and white kitten was part of the kitty package. They were found together and she thought they should stay together. I figured, OK, what's the difference. One cat, two cats, not that much of a difference taking care of them and they'd have each other for company.

That was 11 years ago. The gray cat became, Molly. The black and white cat became Bodoni. I then fell in love with cats. I loved their independence and they weren't aloof. They were affectionate. And funny. And like dogs, loyal. They made me feel like I was important, as silly as that sounds.

Bodoni's life was good. Her cancer was not. It was discovered and the end came fast. She suffered nothing, I don't think anyway. You can't ask them. They only answer with big eyes and well, Molly talks a lot but Bodoni just snuggled.

I will miss her more than I EVER realized was possible with a cat. Such a tiny little being can leave a HUGE hole in one's heart.

Rest in peace, sweet Bodoni girl.

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Anonymous PA said...

The exact same fucking cancer as Klark's. Shitty disease. Rest in peace Bodoni.

8:33 AM  
Blogger velvetair said...

sorry to see this.noticed you were a follower and pressed on your buddy icon.
my cat Burma too died from cancer last April.

3:18 AM  
Blogger SCWEBER said...

Thanks pals. It's amazing how much we love we can have for such little beings, isn't it? They magically become a part of us from here on out though. RIP Klark, Burma, and Bodoni. Maybe they are all frolicking in pet heaven... in between chow sessions at the all you can eat bar! :-)

8:55 AM  

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