Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Needs Compadres

Maybe Cindy Sheehan would be taken more seriously if she had some support. I mean, I feel for the woman and I am with her -- why are these soldiers giving their lives in this "war"? But she needs a make-over for starters. Let's face it, she's lucky she's white. Americans (or at least the media) apparently are only interested in what's gone wrong in white people's life. (i.e.-Natalee Holloway- missing in Aruba - tragic? Yes, but I'll bet there are some missing people who are black, Latin, Asian???) Maybe if she were dressed in a lovely designer outfit, with cheekbone enhancing makeup and the perfect coiffure.... then maybe people would take notice! Think of the impact Cindy has made as ONE angry mom. What would happen if you suddenly had a whole gaggle of pissed off moms and wives and sisters!? They wouldn't even have to be all Caucasian! Would George talk to them then? Could he find a really great reason for soldiers dying in Iraq then? Naaaaaw- I doubt it!

So- in conclusion, how about a nice photo to look at instead? I mean, no one's paying attention anymore anyway!


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