Thursday, May 25, 2006

Parung Photos

Here's a photo of a young newlywed couple in Parung, who stopped us to "practice English" and take our photos. They were very cute and sweet.

I'm trying out a different photo place... Limited to how much you can put up in a month... Of course I didn't read how to do anything on the site... I just loaded up a few pictures and hoped for the best. I see where you can get to a place to see the photos rather large though... that's why I like it. "It" is
click on the title to go to flickr page



Blogger Karen Weber said...

wow Susan!! I just went thru all the "flickr" sets...AMAZING!!! good job with the people photos! For some reason, the shutterfly slide show doesn't work on my home computer - any suggestions? KW

1:43 PM  

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