Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back from a Month in Indonesia

Wow. What a great trip. So many things to say about it. I mainly went to Java (West and Central Java) and Bali. I have to say Bali was my favorite but Java holds so many treasures yet to be explored. Because transportation is so difficult there, it was difficult to get to many of the sites I would have still loved to explore. Something to look forward to in the future, I suppose.

Highlights of Java were definitely the Hindu site, Prambanan and the Buddhist site, Borobudur in Central Java. However, I ate some amazing food that I'll never forget and will miss here in the US from the Bogor area.

For the most part the people I met along the way on both islands were amazing and nice and giving and generally incredibly happy people. No matter how poor they were, they have such an amazing outlook on life it seems and I hopefully, took something from that.

There are many photos to come but here are a couple of not necessarily the best or worst... just some boys from Bogor and an old woman we met in a rice paddie in Bali.



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