Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Obama Night Tonight!

Even with tonight's wins... will Barack remain ahead? The Latino vote seems to be continually fed media reports about how much THEY WON'T VOTE FOR HIM. I hope they realize that Barack is our best hope for WINNING the race to the White House!

Becoming president in right now, after Bush's 8 years of fucking everything up, is not the most optimum time to take over the office. Honestly, who in their right mind would want the job?

I've read two of Barack's books and his Blueprint for Change. READ IT and come to the understanding that change is not going to come easily. Obama has never said it would be and in fact warns that turning America around to the country we should be will take longer than 4 years in office.

If you're Latino and you're on the fence. Especially if you're only voting for Clinton because you're familiar with the name... READ.... It'll be enlightening. I promise.

Hey! Be different! Go against what the polls expect... i.e. Latinos won't vote for a black man. Supposedly white women in my age group doesn't vote for him either! See below... I did! So there!

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Anonymous Lisa Gates said...

Hey! Beth just told me about your site, and I'm so glad I found you. I too did a little ode to obama over at my place. Change is gonna happen girlfriend.


11:47 PM  

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