Wednesday, August 24, 2005


AGAIN - click on the title for your very own bullshit protectors! Brilliant! Found the story about this on (see links on this page)


Anonymous bgbro said...

Teh bullshit deflector on the vet in the picture has what appears to be a bug on the earlob. Do you know the source of the original deflector shown there?

10:26 AM  
Anonymous bgbro said...

There is a better copy of the vet photo here:

10:30 AM  
Anonymous bgbro said...

OK, I see that boingboing has revised their comments to acknowledge teh "Cooties" version of the "Bullshit Protector". What we don't yet know is who are these Cooties and why are they hiding their identities?

10:41 AM  
Blogger SCWEBER said...

Thanks Big Bro! On the original link there are pdf downloads to print out for your own personal use! Bushie Boy will be in So. California today too! Hope someone in the retirement home, where he's going, has some on!!!

12:09 PM  

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