Saturday, June 10, 2006

Indonesia Pictures are All Up! ...Finally

Above is one of my favorite pictures from my trip. It was just begging to be converted to black and white.

It is customary to take the hand of an elder or someone to be respected and touch the forehead with their hand. It was such a touching thing to see. That's what this orphan boy was doing out of respect for the hostess of the birthday party him and his orphanage were invited to.

I think I've got all the pictures up on Flickr... Unless I forgot a section on Shutterfly. At any rate, I really like Flickr. I haven't seen how any of the prints come out when ordering from them... but that's because there are a bunch at Target right now... waiting to be picked up... For two weeks now.

I hope someone I know showed up to VOTE! I'm afraid to ask anymore. It's so pathetic the turn out at the polls. Makes my blood boil.



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