Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What? Your Blood Hasn't Boiled Yet Today?

If you thought you knew all about our war with Iraq, or at least have thought you understood the quagmire of the war... believe me, you don't know the half of it!


This Oscar nominated documentary will quickly pull your head out of your... well, butt, faster than you can imagine!

It's nothing less than astounding the details addressed. Included is the timeline wonderfully spelled out; starting from just before our invasion to basically where we are today, as occupiers.

While watching it, I couldn't for the life of me, understand how the actions of the Bush administration could possibly be seen in a positive light. No, more than that. I wonder how every single step they made, every decision decided, every piece of educated advise ignored, how could this possibly be working towards a positive outcome! What was the benefit to their actions? Was it just ego? Is that possible? At the expense of thousands of lives.

For instance, we have all heard the accounts of the massive looting and pillaging of the many Iraqi cities... All the National libraries, museums and government offices... information and historical matter, gone forever. And how the only building guarded and saved by our military forces was the Ministry of Oil. OK, so none of us were, frankly, all too surprised at that. However, in this film, the details presented through interviews with the top people who were there, in Iraq, will raise the hairs on your head. You may even scream at your television... well, I did.

Watch the movie.

Start paying attention.

Hello? Got kids? It's their future your ignoring!

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