Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Clever Protester

I'm a huge fan of Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio. Listen to her show: 3-7 EST. It's enlightening and she bashes Bush a lot! But she makes some great points about all the latest political issues. I found this photo on her website photo gallery. Had to share it with anybody who stops by here...

Monday, September 19, 2005


I had so much to bitch and moan about... Hurricane Katrina victims, Bush's lack of response, FEMA's short comings, Iraq, where more and more people are dying in horrendous numbers. Did we forget that we're still there and it's a frigging mess there! OK- so that's all stuff you've heard or read by now. If not, really- get your head out of your ass and PAY ATTENTION!!!

Six Degrees, an event that took place this past weekend, was a clever, pleasant event. It was much more satisfying than I had expected. I mean sometimes the downtown art functions have tendencies to be, well... under-par. Uninspiring. Boring. Sorry, I'm not the only one to think so. But, Six Degrees was inspiring and best of all encouraging. Lots of young politically involved artists! I'm so happy there is a large group of intelligent young adults out there trying to make a difference. Meaning, lots of politically inspired projects, organizations, and retailers there selling their products and art. I look forward to next years event.

I've been pulling loooooong work hours so....... Enough with the babble. I need to go eat! Speaking of eating... a couple photos from my lovely weekend in San Francisco visiting my big sis and niece! Thanks girls--- Check it out! I saw Yoda and okra!