Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic - Musically Speaking

Ya just gotta love YOUTUBE sometimes!

Not feeling great about the ole US of A this week... STARTERS: Terribly racist things being said... There are some people in West Virginia who should be mighty ashamed of themselves. Ignorance is alive and shit-kickin' in West Virginia (and other places for sure....) It's 2008, folks... and we still have people out there thinking they are better than others, based on the color of skin. Unbelievable.

SO, Clinton isn't likely going to be running for president, this time? SO YOU THINK YOU'LL GO WITH McCAIN?
Ignorance... Plain and simple... Ignorance.

So... I have had this X song in my head all week.

Why? Because, somethings never change. War. Gas prices. blah blah blah....

Great footage here. Thanks to one of Los Angeles' greatest bands ever, X: John Doe (meow... he's dreamy!), Stylish Exene, D.J. Bonebrake (we were neighbors once... he just didn't know it), and the fabulous Billy Zoom!

Thanks Wildwildlife of Youtube. I don't know you but thanks.

Sing A-LONG... it's fun!!!

the facts we hate
we'll never meet walking down the road everybody yelling "hurry up, hurry up!"
but im waiting for you
i must go slow
i must not think bad thoughts what is this world coming too
both sides are right but both sides murder
i give up why cant they
i must not think bad thoughts (x3)

the civil wars and the uncivilized wars
conflagrations leap out of every poor furnace
the food cooks poorly and everyone goes hungry
from then on its dog eat dog
dog eat body & body eat dog
i cant go down there
i cant understand it
im a no good coward & an american too
a north american that is not a south of a central or a native american
oh i must not think bad thoughts ....

im guilty of murder of innocent men
innocent women innocent children thousands of them
my planes my guns my money my soul
my blood is on my hands
its all my fault
i must not think bad thoughts i must not think bad thoughts....

the facts we hate
youll never hear us

i hear the radio its finally gonna play new music
you know the british invasion
but what about the minutemen fleasheaters doa, big boys and the black flag
we're the last american bands to get played on the radio
please bring the flag? please bring the flag!

glitter-disco-synthesizer night school
all these noble savage drum drum drum
astronauts go back in time to hang out with the cave people
its about time its about space
its about some people in the strangest places woody guthrie sang about b-e-e-t-s not b-e-a-t-s

i must not think bad thoughts i must not think bad thoughts

the facts we hate...............................

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hoping he wins.
Hoping he doesn't screw it up once he does.
Hoping he can make a difference.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm a Proud Nina!


... to Baby Madeline Garcia.
Martin is Nino.

See her more recently... and LIVE! Just click here!