Monday, August 29, 2005

It's BODONI Time Now!

If only I had time to rave about something more important than this. Alas, I have too much work to get to... Disney's keeping me busy! So heeeeeere's...... My "alpha cat", Bodoni! She's a bit chubby but has beautiful eyes. Because she's very shy, only those who she chooses, gets to actually see her! She rules the household, however, and had to punch Molly (see below) in the face yesterday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


AGAIN - click on the title for your very own bullshit protectors! Brilliant! Found the story about this on (see links on this page)


Click on the title above...
INTERESTING WEB SITE. I heard an ad for this site while listening to the Randi Rhodes Show on Air America. BELIEVE ME, IT'S WORTH CHECKING OUT, and if you know someone who supports this war in Iraq... send them to this site. (meaning: maybe it'll change their perspective!)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tim Hawkinson is a Genius!

OK-Anyone reading this from Los Angeles MUST... I repeat, MUST go to LACMA and check out the Tim Hawkinson show. And you'd better hurry- it's only there until the 28th of August! Let's face it, it's not too often you see a show that inspires, delights, and fascinates. It's a rather big show and covers installations (run on motion detectors), large scale drawings, paintings, sculpture, and tons of mechanical contraptions that are just plain COOL! If you've heard the hype and consider yourself too cool for it--- reconsider. He's actually worthy of the hype.

If you're in the downtown neighborhood, stop by MOCA- - and check out the BASQUIAT show. I guess it's not for everyone, but I personally think there's something for everyone. Be sure to view the ongoing film downstairs to hear from Jean-Michel himself. This show is around until sometime in October.

Now for another little photo fun! Introducing Molly! Enjoy! And please support your local public radio.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Needs Compadres

Maybe Cindy Sheehan would be taken more seriously if she had some support. I mean, I feel for the woman and I am with her -- why are these soldiers giving their lives in this "war"? But she needs a make-over for starters. Let's face it, she's lucky she's white. Americans (or at least the media) apparently are only interested in what's gone wrong in white people's life. (i.e.-Natalee Holloway- missing in Aruba - tragic? Yes, but I'll bet there are some missing people who are black, Latin, Asian???) Maybe if she were dressed in a lovely designer outfit, with cheekbone enhancing makeup and the perfect coiffure.... then maybe people would take notice! Think of the impact Cindy has made as ONE angry mom. What would happen if you suddenly had a whole gaggle of pissed off moms and wives and sisters!? They wouldn't even have to be all Caucasian! Would George talk to them then? Could he find a really great reason for soldiers dying in Iraq then? Naaaaaw- I doubt it!

So- in conclusion, how about a nice photo to look at instead? I mean, no one's paying attention anymore anyway!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some Films to Think About and/or SEE!

Here are some documentaries that I have seen lately. Some have really put my undies in a bunch!

CONTROL ROOM- If Fox News can't get you thinking about the media and the news we get from it maybe this film will jar your little brain a bit! I mean, what's true and what's not necessarily true but is only "someone's" agenda? Are we REALLY learning all we need to know - you know, so that we can make truly educated decisions and assumptions about the world around us? Not just spew some dictated info we picked up from our "favorite" one-sided news coverage... And that goes both ways kids!

4 LITTLE GIRLS- In my opinion, it wasn't really the best done documentary I've ever seen but Spike Lee's story of the 1963 bombing of an Alabama church was still a good lesson in how far we still HAVEN'T come. Maybe it will make some people understand how long a horrible tragedy can last for the people involved.

TARNATION- Dear God! Crazy (a good word to use in this context by the way) amount of incredible footage makes this doc pretty fascinating. If you think your childhood was f____ed up... you probably have nothing on this guy and his growing up with a schizophrenic mother. Because he had a movie camera growing up, he had the opportunity to make this sad story come to life!

THE YES MEN- OK folks... this is a MUST SEE! My friend, Marine recommended it and I can't believe I hadn't heard of it earlier! Two jokester liberals pretend to be WTO members (World Trade Organization). PLEASE rent this! You will laugh at the stupidity and cry at the stupidity!

THE CORPORATION- See this one with "Control Room" and watch your blood boil! GREED GREED GREED! Hard for me to watch since one of the biggest corporations in the world "pays my mortgage"... Thanks Mickey Mouse! This movie made me want to buy a farm and go away forever... However, only corporations own farms anymore. And been to a baseball game lately? Corporate sponsorship even cover the screens that they use to clean up the dirt on the field. It's gross!

MAYA LIN: A STRONG CLEAR VISION- This won't necessarily get your undies in a bunch but hopefully can inspire you. What a beautiful memorial for the Vietnam War... of course, different strokes for different folks... I think she is so gifted!

There are the obvious comments I have of Michael Moore's documentaries. I mean, all I need to say is Bravo, Mr. Moore. I don't agree with everything he does in his films but more power to him... expose those who should be exposed and please, continue to make us think!

Desert FlipFlop Fotos

Here are some new "fotos"- I had to play a lot with the quality of the view from the airplane shot but it came out OK after all!

Susan Weber Desert Reflections... the next show? We'll see.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Having trouble with this blog business

I wonder why I can't seem to do this easily? Is it old age? Should I have read the directions? I still could read them however, I probably won't.

Check out the links on the right side of this site for links to Martin's birthday party at my house and I added the link to which holds 216 pictures from India!

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