Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One More site for Art!

It's the same images as below... I just thought I'd see how it works here in the blogspot... Kind of cool site. If you're an artist, you should check it out and sign up too...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Preview of a Preview...

Here are some of my recent collages involved in M.J. Higgins Fine Art and Furnishings next Thursday night "DOWNTOWN ART WALK". The artwork by Kelly Thompson (www.untitled54.blogspot.com), Walt Hall (www.thesappystudio.com)and myself will serve as a preview to January 10th's show. Details are below.

I found some ways to play with my "flip flop fotos"--"http://homepage.mac.com/sueweber/PhotoAlbum21.html" .... Cutting up a bunch of magazines too.

From the press release:

M.J. Higgins - Fine Art and Furnishings

THURSDAYs, December 13 – January 5, 2008
Artist reception 7-9pm
Artists: Matt Aston, Jett Jackson, Kelly Thompson, Walt Hall, Susan Weber and Johnny White.


"Kelly Thompson, Walt Hall and Susan Weber's work will also be previewed on December 13th at M.J. Higgins, in advance of their show “Compilations and Collaborations” which will open at M.J. Higgins @ The Alexandria, January 10. Kelly Thompson and Susan Weber have both been shown previously at the M.J. Higgins gallery during the “Paintography” show in May. Weber’s photographs inspire Thompson’s paintings and sometimes Weber must search for a shot that is inspired by Thompson’s paintings. These two have a great exchange of ideas and techniques that produce exceptional original work. They have recently introduced Walt Hall to their wonderful mix. Hall is an exciting emerging artist with endearing paintings of other worlds and creatures. For December each artist will show a selection of their own individual work. The January art walk opening will feature a series of collaborative works in which two or more of these prolific gems take a hand.
M.J. Higgins has recently relocated from 244 S. Main Street to 400 S. Main Suite 103. Enter suite 103 on 4th Street, east of Pete’s Café. This location will house an art gallery and a furnishings gallery. M.J. Higgins @ the Alexandria is slated to open for the January art walk. It will house an art gallery and an event space and is located at 519 S. Spring Street."