Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Arizona Sunsets... Moms... and Too Much Food!

Does anyone know why Arizona gets such incredible, explosive and beautiful sunsets? I have always heard that smog helps make pretty sunsets. Although I have seen some pretty incredible sunsets in L.A. California, --where smog is our biggest commodity--, I'm not sure they are anything like the sunsets I've witnessed in Arizona! Stinking amazing!

I have the absolutely cutest mom ever.... hands down. Don't even try to challenge this. I hope you think your mom is cute too but... you'd be wrong. My mom is the cutest.

Why do we ALL eat too much at Thanksgiving? My sister piled the food on her plate and gleefully announced, "look at all this food that's going to be all in my tummy!" And trust me, she has the tiniest tummy I know of on a full grown adult. And she DID empty her plate. We all did. Our bodies are mysterious. My food went to my thighs, belly and hind end. Rather quickly.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Chicago Is a Fabulous City


I just returned from an impromptu jaunt to the lovely, and cold, Chicago! What a fantastic city! Millennium Park is not to be missed and I MUST return in warmer weather when the fountains are running and to see some music there. Anish Kapoor's hugely popular Cloud Gate, is popular for a reason! It is completely delightful and I didn't even get to see the underside yet! Jaume Plensa's The Crown Fountain is dry now, but the 50 foot image filled glass towers are ingenious and again, I can't wait to see it with the water running!

On a personal note: it is one city that I have no problem going to restaurants, bars, pubs, or clubs to alone as a single woman. Instantly, I was caught into comfortable conversations with complete strangers. Astounding to me really. I would NEVER attempt this in Los Angeles. At least I've never found the establishment that's that friendly of clientele... and didn't make one feel like they were on the "prowl"... if you know what I mean. Plus, I had a chance to see old friends and what's better than that!

And one more very important aspect of the city that struck me most immediately... CLEAN! That place is sooooo clean! Very little trash or graffiti. Now I'm sure some neighborhoods are worse or better than others... I was in the affluent Miracle Mile section. But even on ventures I had to other portions of the city, left me in absolute awe of it's cleanliness. What a delight to see someone walk down the street and toss their wrappers in readily available trash cans. Simple concept, I realize, however upon my return to my neighborhood in L.A. I watched a car go speeding down my two block long narrow street, and throw a McDonald's bag out the window... right in front of my house! How considerate! My pet peeve of litter is to be saved for another entry.

For now, my admiration and love for a city's city continues. Too bad about the weather there - as I sit here with all the doors and windows open on this 85 degree sunny day in November!

Friday, November 04, 2005


Big week here in LA - what with all the celebrating of the dead and all! The title above is the link to more photos from Olvera Street, downtown... and there's a link to the celebration at the Holllywood Forever Cemetary as well.